The word desi

The word ‘desi’ evolved from the Sanskrit term ‘desha’, meaning country. Over the years the word ‘desi’ has gone to describe people, products from the region of the Indian sub-continent and the culture itself.

What is .desi

.desi is the definitive domain name space for any individual, company or brand that is of Indian origin or caters to the summation of Indian and Indian diaspora audiences worldwide. .desi is a technology solution that marries a highly functional domain system along with a unique identity for your website.

.desi is not only about your domain space but it gives you a sense of belongingness towards your desh and its culture. .desi connects you to the millions of desis across the globe not to forget the number of privileges that comes along.

The .desi impact

The time has come to give way to bigger and better avenues for your business and open the doors of your brand to the world, with a .desi website, a name recognized by billions across the world.

  • India is the 3rd largest online community in the world.
  • Fastest growing online population in Asia Pacific
  • $16 Billion projected online retail spend by 2018
  • 47 Million SMS’s


With a .desi website, you don’t just tell the world about your company and where it is heading, you also tell the world your roots – where you are from.

Direct Connect

A .desi domain automatically establishes you as a key player in any industry where there is a demand of Indian services or products. The consumer will see a direct connect between India and your company.


As a unique domain space, you’ll be able to get domain names that are otherwise unavailable. This unique domain name also gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd.


Being a part of the global hosting community, .desi consequently lends credibility to your brand and your business. Such unique domain names helps you give an edge over the others.

The Desi Advantage

Much like India, .desi is a community. With every domain you don’t just get the space, you get 2 complimentary email IDs with 100 MB space each, ready digital marketing referral and SEO audit on your existing presence and much more.

A Brand Statement

Last but not the least, a .desi domain is a statement in itself. Be it a product of Indian origin or a start up that caters to the world but has Indian roots, adding a .desi tag to your website name tells people what you have to offer is truly rooted in India.