Brands that have taken up Not-com Websites

October 14, 2016

You know you have jumped to a new internet generation when you’re not surprised to find websites with .music, .book, .app, .ads. These new domain extensions are called new gTLDs. More than 26 Million of these have been registered till date. The introduction of new gTLD program is considered the biggest expansion of the Internet and the last two years have seen brands experiment with the new domain extensions.

Brand websites are no longer just associated with a .com or .org or .net, they have got a broader perspective with the new horizons of new gTLDs. Use of unique, quirky and relevant domain extensions is the next wave in the branding game. Marketers are looking at rebranding opportunities with the new set of domains. Many are looking at redirecting websites for one of their specific services or businesses.

Welcome to the not-com revolution, this is a time when the right of the dot makes sense too. It can tell the world who you are and what your offering is instantly. Dear Marketers, take notice of the frontrunners of new gTLD game. Check out these top brands who went ahead to take up a non-com domain extension for their website.

Brand that have taken up not-com websites:



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Google followed its unconventional ways to launch the Alphabet company on It was a huge step for recognition of new gTLDs amongst brands, a move that could potentially end .com dominance.



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Brands now have the option to launch their own extensions just like Barclays did with With every .brand launch, everyone watches closely to analyze the strategy and evaluate whether they can approach a .brand or not.



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A very good example of a redirect website, BMW, for its 100th anniversary, launched its branded TLD. BMW’s vision for the next 100 years was expressed with a website. The website has been created with a .bmw domain extension and highlights the brand’s past achievements and the exciting future plans.



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One more major switch to .brand category: Being the leader in its category, the global website made its way to The brand took up its name as the domain extension. Going away from the traditional .com, this was Canon’s first move towards a renewed website with a new gTLD.

AND then there are brands that haven’t completely switched their online presence. They still have their .coms but they are also buying relevant new gTLDs that are more relevant for them. Check out these brands who have taken up the new domain extensions to redirect to their primary websites: for


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Isn’t not just apt, but also a default option for users? For the love of brand name, Global Desi has taken up the .desi gTLD to redirect users to the primary website. for


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Not to miss out on the desi users, Amazon made sure to get them redirected from to the primary website.

Who knows with time, they might replace their primary site names with the new domain extensions that only help their brand name. 

Join the revolution:

There is a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to domain name extensions. Brands these days are using the new gTLDs to highlight the industry, product offerings, locations and what not. So the next time you log on to your favorite site, don’t be surprised if it’s not a .com

Choose a domain name that represents the essence of the business. For example, if your brand offers Indian products or caters to Indians around the world, then get a .desi domain name to signify the origin and add a cultural touch to the website.

Be the game changer and go for new and exciting gTLDs.