How to build your Personal Brand?

November 2, 2016


In this real-time age of trending topics and virtual worlds, we are more than just mango people. We are brands, the personalities in our own right.

With the surge of communication age, branding is not just related to companies or products, it has also extended to personal branding. Your personal brand exists even if you haven’t built it. Each one of us has digital footprints.


A strong personal brand can generate a great ROI when working with an organization. Obviously the companies will choose the one who has a digital reputation.

Whilst Degrees, experience, recommendations are important, having a good brand image on digital platforms is an added advantage; recruiters are online these days. Stand apart from the huge number of people with a persuasive digital profile.

Start considering yourself a brand.

Define your personal brand.

Here’s how you can build an awesome and impactful personal brand:

  • Analyze your current online presence:

Google yourself. The prospective employers definitely do while looking at a candidate. Your first impression is when a search for your name comes back with more than just your Facebook profile.

Link your social media profiles, and check your klout score. A klout score rates its users’ online social influence. It’s a great way to find out how influential you are. Improve your score by creating content that interests people. Explore topics and find content to share.

  • Build your own website:

Having your personal website is ‘the new black’.

The best way to improve search results for your personal brand is to build your own website. A website gives you more control and freedom over your online profile; more than the social media.

Empower the brand ‘YOU’. Why just stick to social and professional online networks? Create your own website.

While you are at it, you will find out you have a sea of domains to choose from. So pick your website name of choice and choose a domain that represents you the most.

  • Do that Blog thing:

A blog lets you express yourself, choose your favourite topics to talk about and share content that is most relevant to you. If you can create and manage your own blog, you improve your personal brand the maximum. It shows you are a digital world buff, tech-savvy and proactive. Hear it from the experts on how to start a successful blog.

  • LinkedIn it:

It’s the most effective social network for business professionals. You might think it’s too conventional, but LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to highlight your qualifications and network as well. You can also post your CV and get recommendations from current and previous co-workers.

This site allows you to create your online resume and portfolio on your profile. It gives you statistics about the profile visitors as well. You can include anything you want about yourself, it’s all about you.

Sell, Market and Self Promote.

Developing your personal brand online is something you must spend a good deal of time on. Build a personal brand identity that you wish to project to your audience. Personal branding is all about strategic digital presence. Start now!