Things ‘Desi Parents’ Say To Their Children

September 13, 2016

There are parents and then there are Desi parents. Indian parents have the excellence in saying the most outrageous things very casually. They can get away even with their weirdest ideas and concepts.

Let’s take a moment here to acknowledge bizarre logic of Indian parents. You know you’re a Desi when you can relate to these parent things:

When you tell them you want to buy the new iPhone 7


When you have to face the archenemy that is ‘LOG’ and your choices are judged by “log kya kahenge”


When you’re told that you won’t find any good-looking boy after you cross your marriageable age


When the neighbour’s son is the benchmark for your life


When you tell them you want to take a break and travel


When your parents find out about the price of Coldplay concert tickets


When you tell them you want to pursue an unconventional career, and not become a doctor or an engineer


Desi Parents can be outright protective, yet they are the best. No matter what, aren’t they the sweetest ones? We love them for their #desiswag. Be Desi with .desi.