How to generate website traffic?

October 21, 2016


Now that you got your dream website with the desired domain name, the perfect website design, linking to your social media profiles, you’d expect a good number of visitors and leads coming in. However, do you find yourself in the fix, struggling for visitors?

Creating a new website is similar to opening a new venture, say a cafe. You may make amazing coffee, you may have the most beautiful ambience, you may have the best, world class cafe, but if people have no idea, they won’t visit and try your authentic coffee.

What you’re struggling here with is – visibility.

How do you get website traffic? Here are 10 ways to attract users to your website:

  • Content: As they say, content is the king. Keep generating fresh, engaging content to share with your audience.
  • Work on your headlines: Your headline is the first impression you have on your reader. Writing a compelling headline is a critical skill for content marketing.
  • Blog: Connect with your users through light content in the form of blogs. Post regular blogs on your website. Make sure the key words in the articles have backlinks to your website or to an information source.
  • On page SEO: Make your website SEO friendly, keep the website user interface simple. Here are 12 Important SEO Tips for Your Website from Jeff Goins.
  • Post content on LinkedIn: You might think it’s boring, but LinkedIn has huge network of industry people.
  • Email marketing: Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Keep sending your audience information about your business.
  • Publish interviews of industry people on your website. It brings you credibility and new audience.
  • Video content is the in thing. Include more videos in your website content.
  • Host a webinar on industry topics, latest issues, relevant to your business.
  • Paid search, Social media advertising, Display ads are excellent ways to attract visitors. Adjust paid strategy to match your objectives.

The key is to keep trying different things. Always ensure you are presenting fresh and relevant content that can establish you as a thought leader in your industry. It will take constant and frequent efforts but the end result will definitely make it worth it! Good luck!